Thursday, August 20, 2015

10 Things I’ve learned Since Raising 3 Toddlers

My girls have only been 2 for two months and I have learned a lot already about toddlers.  I know there is more to learn but here is what I've discovered thus far.

1.  If you walk outside, take the keys.  Fortunately, I haven’t had to learn this the hard way.  But there have been many close calls where I’ve almost been locked out of the house (or have been but had the keys with me).  They love opening and closing doors and their little fingers have just the right amount of fine motor skills to turn the lock.  Even when we are all out of the house and I’m loading the car, I make sure to have the keys on me and not set them down in the car.  Because there will be that one day that I get one strapped in, I close the door to walk to the other side and click.  One of the other girls has climbed in the front seat (in 3 seconds flat) and hit the lock button.  It is always a safe bet to keep your keys on you.
2.  Toddlers are the most indecisive, yet demanding human beings on the planet.  Conversations at my house go a little something like this: 

     Me: “What pants would you like to wear?” as I hold up three options to Toddler A.
Toddler A:  “Guppies!”
Me:  “That isn’t an option.  You can wear any of these 3 pants.”
Toddler A:  “Guppies!” and begins kicking and ripping off all clothes.
Me:  “There are no Guppies shirts.  They are all dirty.  Don’t you want to wear the pink pants?”
Toddler A:  “Noooo!  Noooo!  Noooooooo!”
Me:  “You have to put on pants today.  Which ones do you want?  Don’t you like these pretty pink ones with the flowers on them?”
Toddler A:  “Noooooo!  Blue ones!”
Toddler B:  “Noooooo!  My blue ones!”
Toddler A:  “Blue ones!”
Me:  Trying to convince toddler B that she would really love to wear the pink ones and finally succeed.  I begin putting the blue ones on and...
Toddler A:  “No Blue, Pink ones!”
Me:  “Aahhhh!”  And then repeat with 2 more toddlers.

3.   Trying to get everyone out of one room and into another room can be the hardest task known to man.  I feel like I’m herding sheep most of the time.  You finally get one through the doorway and the other two run past you the other direction.  I have found that I literally have to shuffle back and forth behind them to keep them from all running in different directions.

5.  The atmosphere in our house can go from calm and quiet to completely chaotic instantly.  The other day, they were all three playing nicely in their playroom.  I seized the opportunity and was in the very next room changing into my swimsuit to take them swimming.  I heard Toddler A say, “Mama!  Poo poo!” So I began moving in lightning speed to get dressed enough not to trip over myself as I run around the corner.  Sure enough Toddler A had removed her diaper and Toddler B’s hands were covered in poop, complete with a poop hand print across the front of her white shirt.  I calmly finish dressing myself as I open the baby gate and explain to them not to touch anything.  They follow instructions and I get them to the changing area, when Toddler C runs in, grabs the broom off the wall and starts swinging it around almost hitting all 3 of us in the head.
6.  Three quiet toddlers is bad.  Quiet is really, really bad.

7.  Just when you think you have mastered predicting what your toddler will do or say, they completely throw you off.  My Dad said he wanted to take the girls to the circus.  My first thoughts were, “Okay, but we most likely won’t make it to intermission with their attention span.”  When we arrived at the circus, my Dad surprised us with 5th row seats right by the action and my thoughts were, “Great, we are going to have three screaming toddlers due to all of the up close stimulation and will have to leave after 15 minutes.”  But those girls proved me wrong.  They stayed intrigued and excited for 3 WHOLE hours.  They loved it!  I couldn’t believe it.  They amaze me every day.

8.  Toddlers are learning how to control their emotions.  Essentially, they have almost no control right now, so as a parent, it is my responsibility to teach them the tools they need to control how they react in certain situations.  If the tiniest, itty bitty, little thing rubs them the wrong way, they completely loose it and end up banging their arms and legs on the floor and rolling around for half an hour all while sobbing and screaming.  So it is my job, over the span of the next 16 years, to teach them why that is not the correct response to just “We are going upstairs.”

9.  Toddlers have already mastered the “fake cry”.  Well I can’t say mastered, because I know when they are doing it.  No actual tears and they stop to look up for a split second to see if anyone is watching their little show.  Sometimes it is pretty amusing.

10.   I’ve described most of the above to be on one side of the spectrum, and I think that is the side we see the most as parents.  However, there is a soft, sweet, cuddly, cute side about toddlers.  The way you can still carry them around like babies and they love to snuggle up to Mama.  They also care immensely for each other.  They hold hands, play games, and look out for each other.  I’ve never known the bond between sisters, but watching it blossom before my eyes is one of the most incredible things to watch.  They love each other so much. 

11. As a Mom, you continue to be forgetful and make simple mistakes like skip #4 above.  I'm going to blame it on the triplet mom brain. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

First Circus!

My parents treated us to a day at the circus today.  I was super nervous it was going to be a complete disaster with three 2 year olds in a new environment with loud noises, bright lights, and lots of people all happening over their strict lunch time.  However, once again, my girls surprised me!  They did wonderful and loved every minute of it.  Mallory was clinched to her Nana most of the time, heart beating out of her chest from the excitement.  She was focused and was soaking in every second.  Taylor was in Meme's lap and was on the edge of her seat.  She was pointing, laughing, and clapping.  Sammy switched seats between her Grandpops and her Mama.  She was captivated by each act but would slowly loose interest and look around only to get pulled right back in with the next act.  I kept them happy by giving them snacks and water.  The show last 2.5 hours with a small intermission where we spent the whole time waiting in line for the bathroom and letting the girls run around a little bit.  Taylor says her favorite part was the lions, Mallory's favorite was the elephants, and Sam's favorite was the horses.  We had a great time and I can't wait to take them again next year.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Independence Day and Our New Place

We were so excited to get out of the city for the 4th of July.  We headed down to Caney Creek where my in-laws have property.  Tragically, the house that Brian's grandfather and father built, burnt down last year.  So we purchased a new travel trailer that we will park down there.  There is enough room for the girls to sleep together on the big bed and Brian and I to sleep on the bunks.  We managed to have a fun weekend all together.

Taylor and Mallory love the Jet ski.  Taylor likes to go fast and Mallory "I wide no fast".  We convinced Sammy to get on between Mommy and Daddy however she could only handle going as slow as it would go for about 30 yards and back, but I'm proud that she got on it.

The girls all had a blast swimming in the water.  They have become so much more comfortable in the water the past week.  Mallory loved jumping in and out of the floats.  Taylor wanted to swim and Sam wanted to jump off the ladder.  Here they are with Nana and Pawpaw.

Eating at a table and not in high chairs is pretty new for us.  They did okay...  There was always a huge mess under them and it was difficult sometimes to keep them in their seats but it worked in the trailer.  They are so cute when they want to feed each other.

Mallory is the only one that would cooperate for a picture in their 4th of July outfits.  Sam wouldn't come any closer, she wanted to stand there.  And Taylor... well, it was full on tantrum mode for her.

The girls all slept together in the queen bed.  We put noodles under the sheet along the edges but I guess it didn't stop Sammy.  She is sound asleep half on the bed and half off.

Another moment of cuteness when we were practicing "Cheese" for the camera and they all showed us their string cheese.  So cute, these girls.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Triplets' 2nd Birthday Party - Bubble Guppies

My kids are 2.  They are 2! I can't believe it.  We had another huge celebration for their 2nd year of life on June 6th and it was a blast.  The girls can't get enough of Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr. so we decided that they would love a Bubble Guppies party.  I wanted to give them something to be excited for and also something that wouldn't be too cheesy.  

(Warning: Picture overload)

The weather was pretty nice, just hot here in Houston.  I had food and cake inside and multiple stations set up in our back yard for all of the kids.  We also had our photo booth set up inside which was a huge hit with the kiddos. 

I used paper lanterns to make the orange guppies and my MIL made all of the jellyfish.

I set up pictures of the girls from 13 months to 23 months.

Our photo booth (Snap Happy Photos) was set up in the office so our guests could get there picture taken.

I made the banner, food labels, and cake decorations.

My Aunt Maeleen made the cake.  It was beautiful but more importantly... Delicious!

Outside, we had multiple stations set up for the kids to play.  We had a race track, small play ground, large playground, chalk/color table, bubbles station, human bubbles, and ball pit.  I wanted to make sure there was enough for all of the kids and for different age ranges.

The girls were pretty shy and overwhelmed at first.  But after a while they opened up a bit and had lots of fun.

Kissing Molly because she is their favorite.

We got them this Radio Flyer roller coaster and here they are riding it for the first time.  Mal and Taylor loved it.

The human bubbles didn't work like I planned.  I'm not sure anyone got them past their knees.

Cake Time!

They were a little weary about the candles.  Notice Sam's face.

More please...
Sam sure does love cake.

The first gifts they saw were their new scooters from our awesome neighbors.  They had to play around a little before opening the rest of the gifts.

Things got a little chaotic while opening presents.  They were distracted very easily and wanted to play with each present they opened.

Thank you to everyone that came and thanks for all of the wonderful gifts.  The girls had a blast celebrating their 2nd birthday!