Thursday, May 7, 2015

Triple Play: 23 Months

How old?  23 Months... Last month as 1 year olds :( 

Our weights?  estimatesS: 23.5 lbs  T: 25 lbs M: 24 lbs 
They are in 18-24 months clothes and I even started putting them in 2t.  It seems like they have grown a lot lately.

Our sleeping patterns?  Naps are easy and they sleep 2 hours (unless Pest control salesman knocks on your door... then it is three screaming kids for half an hour).

Going to bed has been better without much fussing.  And they have been sleeping well too.  If we have to get up, it is only to give a pacifier back that has fallen out of the crib.  They have also been sleeping until 8:30 which I can't complain about ;)

 Our eating schedule?  The girls have breakfast at 8:30 AM, Lunch at noon, snack when they wake up from their nap (between 3-4), and dinner at 6.

 Our favorite foods?  They like chips and bunny tails.  They also request apple sauce.  They tried gelato for the first time and no one fussed about that.

Our likes? Taylor and Sam are quite the mommies.  They love to take care of their babies by swaddling them, changing their diapers, putting them down for a nap, and rocking them.  It is the cutest thing ever.  They are liking "big girl" things like dressing themselves or brushing their own hair.  Let me tell you, this does not save on time AT ALL.  They LOVE Bubble Guppies and their gymnastics class.  

 Our dislikes?  Taylor fights me over her outfit almost every day.  They are moody and cranky when they are hungry and tired or just want Mommy.

Our favorite games/toys?  They really like their new Little People princess castle.

Our milestones?  Taylor said her first sentence, "I want Mommy to wear it" as she put a necklace on me.  So sweet and cute.  Mallory and Sam are on the verge of jumping consistently.  They will jump with two feet sometimes but they mostly land on their bottoms.  Taylor and Sam are roll playing a lot with their baby dolls.

Things we do to make Mom and Dad smile?  When they let us eat dinner without crying at our feet, sitting in our laps, or grabbing all of our food.  When they play nicely together and make each other laugh.  When they do something so adorably cute (this happens quite often).

Our pictures

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Easter 2015

I know it has come and gone, but here are our pictures from all of our Easter celebrations...

Our second-go-round with the Easter bunny was not as pleasant as the first.  There was no line so I kept talking the Easter bunny up and the Easter bunny would wave at the girls.  We went for a short walk in the mall to the Disney store to get their minds off of it while we waited for Brian to meet us there.  We went back to the bunny and again... another walk to calm the nerves.  Come to find out, no walk was going to change their minds.  They were petrified.

Prior to pictures with the bunny and with the bunny out of sight, the girls did okay taking pictures together.  Mallory, though, was still suspicious.

Our street had a great Easter party.  The girls loved playing in the Moonwalk and going on their first Easter egg hunt.

Sometimes, I don't have faith that my kids can do something.  I would have never thought they would sit at this table for 20+ minutes eating without running off or being told to sit down or stop throwing food on the floor.  They impressed me and made me realize they are growing up.  I can trust them... sometimes.

All the MBC kiddos.

First Easter egg hunt.  They totally understood and loved finding eggs for their baskets.

On Saturday, we took the girls to the farm.  They love being there.  They have more freedom, they can ride the 4-wheeler, and they can see cows.  Also, an Easter egg hunt is pretty fun at the farm.

Easter Sunday.  The Easter bunny left the girls their Easter baskets full of goodies.

Easter egg hunt in our backyard.