Wednesday, March 25, 2015

First Trip to the ER

So we have been fighting illness after illness here at the Patterson household since about November.  It seems like everyone is well for about 3 days and then it starts all over again.  This week has been no different.  The stomach bug began about 2 weeks ago when Mallory woke up in the middle of the night vomiting (3/9/15).  After two hours she was back to bed and no other signs or symptoms.  Three days later (3/12/15), the exact same thing with Samantha.  She felt fine the next day.  Two days later (3/14/15), I came down with it which lasted about 18 hours or so.  One week later (3/20/15), Taylor began vomiting while having milk before bedtime.  She proceeded to have diarrhea the next 2 days and a small amount of vomit on Sunday evening at dinner.  On Monday morning (3/23/15) when I walked in to the girls' room, Taylor lifted her head and said, "Hi" with a cute little smile.  She then laid her head back down and didn't get up the whole time I was getting the other 2 ready.  Once dressed, I didn't put her down until I took her downstairs.  I had to leave her standing there while I brought the other two down and she didn't budge an inch.  I put all three in their high chairs for breakfast.  While they were eating, I noticed Taylor's hands and feet were turning purple.  This happens to her after her baths when she is cold but never like this and they got really purple.  This made me really nervous.  

So after being on hold 10 minutes and hanging up with the pediatrician, I decided to take her to the ER.  Our family friend Joyce went with me in the car with all 3 and Brian met us there.  She vomited as I got her out of the car.  Once in the ER, she was alert, fatigued, and her feet and hands were back to a normal color (of course).  The nurses and doctor were great with her.  They did all of her vitals which her heart rate was in the 140s and tried to see if she would drink anything.  They took her blood and found her CO2 was low and her BUN was high indicating she was dehydrated from a stomach virus.  Apparently purple hands and feet are a sign of severe dehydration.  So they hooked her up to an IV to get her some fluids.  We were there until 3 PM pumping her full of liquids.  Brian and I switched off holding her.  She has never watched so many cartoons and gotten so much cuddle time one on one.  I think she kinda liked all of the attention.  

Once she woke up from her nap, she perked up slightly and we were able to take her home.  She had 3 more diarrhea diapers when she got home and drank only a little bit before going to sleep so we were worried she may get dehydrated again.  But she woke up feeling better and so far has been doing fine.  She is eating and drinking more which is good news.  She is definitely more tired but acting like my normal Taylor again.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Triple Play: 21 Months

How old?  21 Months. One and three quarters, What?!

Our weights?  estimates: S: 22 lbs  T: 23.5 lbs M: 23 lbs 
They are wearing 18 months clothes with the occasional larger 12 months and smaller 24 months.  They wear size 5.5, 6W, and 6 shoes.

Our sleeping patterns?  The girls normally have no problem going down for their nap and will sleep between 1.5 and 2.5 hours.  Sam normally wakes up first and hopefully I can get in there before she wakes up anyone else.

Night time sleep is alright.  They go to bed a little after 8 PM and wake up between 8-8:30.  Most nights one baby wakes up for cuddles.  Not so much Taylor, but Sam and Mallory are getting into some bad habits. 

 Our eating schedule?  The girls have breakfast at 8:30 AM, Lunch at noon, snack when they wake up from their nap (between 3-4), and dinner at 6.

 Our favorite foods?  Samantha:  All she wants are "Nunus" (Noodles AKA Mac n Cheese) or "Chee" (Cheese)  O, this girl loves cheese, bread, peanut butter sandwiches, and noodles.  We can't get her to eat much else but I'm trying.
Taylor:  She really likes raisins, crescent rolls (off of my plate), blackberries.  She will nibble anything off of your plate though.
Mallory:  She loves food.  She will eat any meat, veggie, or fruit.  She will sometimes eat bread or carbs, but definitely doesn't prefer them.

Our likes? Taylor is so in love with her grandparents.  If there is a grandparent around, Mom is like chopped liver.  I'm not allowed to put on her bib or even hand her the sippy cup, Nana or Meme must do it. She also loves to take care of her baby. 
Samantha is into lining up toys and keeping things "tidy".  You will find her closing all of the doors and picking up the dirty clothes.  When it is Clean Up time, she is such a good helper.  She will only use the bib with Monkeys on it so I have to make sure that one is clean every day.  And her favorite word is "No" ALL THE TIME.
Mallory likes the TV to be turned on but it doesn't keep her attention more than 2 minutes, she loves to learn, wear her hooded towel over her head, and see animals.

 Our dislikes?  When Mama has been gone for too long.  Meal time hasn't been very pleasent lately and being sick is also a bummer.  Mallory is absolutely terrified of elevators which makes her sisters scared also.

Our favorite games/toys?  "Ready, Set, Go!"  Then they race to Mommy (a Great way to tire them out), their new fisher price train with animals that moves (however Sam tells it "No" whenever it is moving and tries to stop it), playing outside, swinging, playing "Ahhh, Booom!" where they stand and fall down on the couch or their new PB chairs, pushing their shopping carts around.

Our milestones?  Mallory is beginning to identify letters and numbers, Sam is lining up toys, and Taylor is role playing with her baby.  Mallory is beginning to combine 2 words.  My favorite is "GO TIGERS!"  Taylor says "Hi Ryley" or "Hi Mama" etc and "I love you".  Sam is trying to repeat words you say to her. 

Things we do to make Mom and Dad smile?  They are communicating with each other more and more.  They are playing together (without needing Mommy as much) so I can get other things done.  They get so excited when Daddy gets home.  They are learning and growing faster than I can keep up.  Love these little goobers.

Our pictures

Monday, March 9, 2015

Rodeo 2015

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo happens every year in March.  It is the world's largest rodeo and I grew up going every year.  So, now we make it a tradition to take our kids every year.  Last year they didn't know what was going on but this year they loved it.  The loved seeing all of the animals and we even got to pet a couple pigs that were in the livestock show.  It was so much fun watching them experience it.

My sweet cowgirl Sam.

Taylor looking at the chickens.

Every year we plan on getting a picture taken on the bull.  Sam and Mallory were a little scared of the bull this year so we had to stay on solid ground.

They really liked roaming through the livestock show.

 Right as Sam was going to pet the pig, little miss piggy thought it would be a good time to strut on out of her pen towards me, Mallory, and Taylor.

Sam was a little traumatized from her first experience with a pig, so she said No very confidently when asked if she wanted to pet the next pig.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Triple Play: 20 Months

How old?  20 Months.

Our weights?  estimates: S: 21.5 lbs  T: 23 lbs M: 22.5 lbs 
They are still wearing some 12 months clothes and are fitting in some 18 months as well.

Our sleeping patterns?  The girls normally have no problem going down for their nap and will sleep between 1.5 and 2.5 hours.

Sleeping at night fluctuates still.  Everyone sleeps through the night but almost every night someone wakes up.  Normally it is before I go to bed but a lot of times it is right when I fall asleep.  The girls get in bad habits when they are sick and expect me to come get them all of the time.  

 Our eating schedule?  The girls have breakfast at 8:30 AM, Lunch at noon, snack when they wake up from their nap (between 3-4), and dinner at 6.

 Our favorite foods?  Mallory will eat anything you put in front of her.  A new fave is grapes and grape tomatoes.  Taylor nibbles and eats slow.  She really likes raisins this month.  Sam is little miss picky.  She likes cheese and bread and that is about it right now.  She also loves to throw the food to Ryley.  Mommy does not like that.

Our likes? Going for a "wide"  whether it is the push car, wagon, or their new choo choo wagon.  They love to push around their shopping carts in the evenings.  They really like Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  They love to pick out and wear their bows.  They don't take them off as much as they used to.

 Our dislikes?  When Mamma is holding someone else.  Being told No.  When a sister has the toy she wants.

Our favorite games/toys?  Peekaboo never gets old.  Little People animals.  Books, books, and more books.  They will all sit and look at books constantly.

Our milestones?  Talking a little more every day.  Mallory is able to identify colors and shapes.

Things we do to make Mom and Dad smile?  Be sweet to one another.  Like Taylor patting Mallory on the back when she started crying and I wasn't close by.  Or when the three of them sit next to each other reading and swapping books with no fussing.  When Taylor makes up a game of Peekaboo behind her Daddy and giggles so hard when he "finds" her.  They are getting cuter every day.

Our pictures

And here are some outtakes and behind the scenes pictures for some fun :)