Thursday, July 10, 2014

Triple Play: 13 Months

How old?  13 Months.
Our weights? estimates S: 16 lbs 12 oz  T: 19ish lbs M: 18ish lbs
They wear 9 months size clothes.  Jammies are 9 months but soon we will be using the 12 months.

Our sleeping patterns?  2 naps at 10:30 and 2:30.  We finally got the hang of these (just in time for us to go down to 1 nap soon).

Nights... well, I've decided there is always a reason your baby isn't sleeping through the night... teething, reaching a milestone, their naps were off, gas, you name it.  And for us, one baby sleeps well 2-3 nights, then has a bad night (or 3).  So, it means most nights are not good.  The girls are getting better at sleeping through each other's screaming so we are letting them cry more in the middle of the night.  It doesn't mean I don't wake up though.  And, a lot of times, we just feed them to get them back to bed fast because we are tired.  I know they don't need to be fed in the middle of the night anymore but sometimes its our last hope of getting some sleep.

 Our eating schedule?  The girls are now getting sippy cups of milk for their 8 AM and 2 PM feedings.  Mallory and Sam are still on breast milk (looks like we are in the clear for allergies, but I still need to introduce more dairy in my diet before we transition) and Taylor is drinking whole cow's milk.  We've only done the sippy cups for about a week and they aren't fans.  They only take a few swigs and that's it.  At 8 PM they still get a bottle and they suck it down for the most part.

They get breakfast at 8 AM, lunch at 12 PM, a small snack at 2 PM, and dinner around 5:15 PM.  They eat a lot of finger foods and then we finish up with baby food still.  Sam is very picky and still prefers baby food and the other two want the baby food when I get it out.

 Our favorite foods? Sam will only eat cantaloupe, hot dogs, and bananas when it comes to finger foods.  Mallory loves peas, hot dogs, eggs, cantaloupe, bananas, and chicken.  Taylor likes hot dogs, chicken, avocados, bananas, and cantaloupe.
Our likes? Our new Little Gym class, walkers, reading books, being free, going for walks, and giving each other hugs and kisses(the cutest thing ever).
S: Sam loves to shake her head back and forth.  I think its her way of dancing.  You can always find her in the ball pit in the play area.  She loves going in tunnels, behind doors, and in closets.  She barks when Ryley barks.

T:  Taylor loves to walk around carrying things.  She loves her Daddy and when he is around, she wants him.  She likes to be tickled and play Peek-a-Boo.

M:  Mallory is becoming more and more independent.  She likes to keep busy in the play area.  She loves books.  She knows where they are in every room and always points and says, "Bahk"  She wants you to read a book over and over again.

 Our dislikes?  When we are tired, bored, or hungry.

S: When you change her diaper.  Something about lying down on her back just makes her angry, its like she would rather keep that poop in her diaper.  Also, she really doesn't like to be left in her crib if she doesn't go to sleep immediately.  She hates when I try to make her eat new foods.

T: Taylor has become a little possessive over whatever she is holding at the time.  It could be a new toy, dish cloth, or clean diaper.  If you take it away, she's not happy.

M: I have to say that Mallory has been less dramatic than she used to be.  She gets upset if she gets hurt or if she's really tired.

Our favorite games/toys?  Peek-a-boo, reading books, forward rolls, walkers, and balls.
Our milestones? 

S:  Says "Ba" for ball and barks with Ryley.
  T: Walks pretty good.
  M: Walking better, eats lots of different finger foods, says "Bahk" for book.

Things we do to make Mom and Dad smile?  When they play well together, watching them experience new things, and snuggling.
Our pictures 


Monday, July 7, 2014

Triplets' First Birthday Hawaiian Luau

We had the girls' first birthday party on their birthday, June 7.  We decided to have it at our home so it would be easier on the girls and their schedule.  The theme was a Hawaiian Luau and the weather turned out perfect for us.  The girls had so much fun and everything went smoothly.  We set up kiddie pools out front with our pop up tents in the drive way for shade.  We used the entire garage for our photo booth, the Tiki Bar, and the girls' feeding table.  The food and presents were all inside.  I think everything turned out great and I have some really amazing memories of their first birthday.

For favors, I put together sand pails with candy for the older kids and baby food for the little ones.  They turned out pretty cute.  My Mom painted all of the drift wood signs which really fit the Luau theme perfectly.

This "Happy Birthday" banner turned out so cute behind the girls' feeding table for their cake smash.  It was made by Handcrafted by W.  She has an Etsy shop full of such fun and cute things like banners, favor bags, invitations, and other adorable party items.  The details on this banner were beautiful and it was the perfect touch of d├ęcor for their cake smash pictures.
Some of you may not know that Brian and I own a photo booth.  Brian designed and built it himself.  We built it with the intentions to rent it out at events, however I became pregnant and then had triplets so the photo booth business wasn't our first priority.  We set it up for the girls' party and it was a big hit. 
Need a photo booth in the Houston area... Snap Happy Photos
Having fun in the photo booth!
The girls got to play with their new water table and splash pad for the first time during their party.  They loved them!
Inside we had the food table set up in our dining room in front of the perfect backdrop, our Peter Lik photograph.  My Aunt Maeleen made all of the cakes and they were delicious!  I set up their month by month pictures in the living room where we also had the gifts.
After playing around in the water, we got the girls changed for their cake smash.  Everyone gathered around to watch the girls have their first taste of cake and sugar.  They were a little weary about getting dirty and then eventually had a few handfuls.

Banner by Handcrafted by W

 After getting a little messy with cake, the girls had another outfit change and were ready to open gifts.  I had my parents make them onesies to match their tutus.  Opening presents was hard work... Brian and I trying to corral the kiddos, opening the gifts and cards, and trying to keep the babies attention took it out of us.  I was sweating!  We did get some awesome presents and the girls are so blessed to have so many people around them that love them.  Thank you!

And, because baby booties are just so... darn... cute...

Thank you to everyone that came out and made our party such a success.  The girls had so much fun and everything ran so smoothly.  I really appreciate all of the help we had setting up and cleaning afterwards.  We are lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.  It really does Take a Village. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


For all of those new Mommas or soon-to-be Mommas out there, check out this new website MomQuery.  This website was launched this week and today they are featuring my birth story.  This website has stories written by real Moms about real things that you want to hear about when you are pregnant or a new Mom.  So check it out :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First Birthday Morning

June 7th was an awesome day.  My baby girls turned one!  Here are pictures from the morning when they woke up.  We surprised them with balloons.  They were a little confused and still a little sleepy, but enjoyed them for the most part.

My little sleepy heads
Presents Time!

"Beach towels? Really, Mom?  What do we do with these?"

A much cooler gift in their eyes, a customized board book.

Giving kisses to Grandpa.
Sam decided that was enough presents.  She had things to do, like play Peek-a-boo!

Then they figured out what the beach towels were for... Peek-a-boo!

A blog post on their birthday part is coming soon! :)