Sunday, February 8, 2015

Triple Play: 20 Months

How old?  20 Months.

Our weights?  estimates: S: 21.5 lbs  T: 23 lbs M: 22.5 lbs 
They are still wearing some 12 months clothes and are fitting in some 18 months as well.

Our sleeping patterns?  The girls normally have no problem going down for their nap and will sleep between 1.5 and 2.5 hours.

Sleeping at night fluctuates still.  Everyone sleeps through the night but almost every night someone wakes up.  Normally it is before I go to bed but a lot of times it is right when I fall asleep.  The girls get in bad habits when they are sick and expect me to come get them all of the time.  

 Our eating schedule?  The girls have breakfast at 8:30 AM, Lunch at noon, snack when they wake up from their nap (between 3-4), and dinner at 6.

 Our favorite foods?  Mallory will eat anything you put in front of her.  A new fave is grapes and grape tomatoes.  Taylor nibbles and eats slow.  She really likes raisins this month.  Sam is little miss picky.  She likes cheese and bread and that is about it right now.  She also loves to throw the food to Ryley.  Mommy does not like that.

Our likes? Going for a "wide"  whether it is the push car, wagon, or their new choo choo wagon.  They love to push around their shopping carts in the evenings.  They really like Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  They love to pick out and wear their bows.  They don't take them off as much as they used to.

 Our dislikes?  When Mamma is holding someone else.  Being told No.  When a sister has the toy she wants.

Our favorite games/toys?  Peekaboo never gets old.  Little People animals.  Books, books, and more books.  They will all sit and look at books constantly.

Our milestones?  Talking a little more every day.  Mallory is able to identify colors and shapes.

Things we do to make Mom and Dad smile?  Be sweet to one another.  Like Taylor patting Mallory on the back when she started crying and I wasn't close by.  Or when the three of them sit next to each other reading and swapping books with no fussing.  When Taylor makes up a game of Peekaboo behind her Daddy and giggles so hard when he "finds" her.  They are getting cuter every day.

Our pictures

And here are some outtakes and behind the scenes pictures for some fun :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What to Expect When you are Pregnant... with Triplets

Some of you may know I write occasionally for Momquery.  It is a great resource for a pregnant or new Mom to read about what other Mom's have to say about motherhood and other kid related topics.  One of my articles is running today.  What to Expect When you are Pregnant... with Triplets.  So go take a look :)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Day on the Farm

The weather in Texas has been B-E-A-utiful the past few days and we took advantage on Sunday to go to the farm.  The girls haven't been since they were smaller so this was all new to them.  They LOVED it.  I think there was a huge grin on Mallory's face the whole time we were there.  They loved looking at the cows and did that for quite a long time.  Just pointing and "Moo"ing at them.  It was so nice to just get out of the city and enjoy the amazing Texas weather.  Here are just some of the 400+ pictures I took in one day.

Discussions with Pawpaw

First 4-wheeler ride.  Mallory and Taylor loved it.  Sam was very happy just watching and pointing at her sisters on their rides.

Taylor and Nana

Sam and Uncle Tom

Poor Ryley misses being the center of attention.  She made sure to get her picture taken too.  Notice her smile :)

I did not encourage this nor did I know she was licking the wire... but its kinda cute.

Sammy agreed to get on the 4-wheeler as long as it was turned off.

I love this crazy family.

Mallory showing Aunt Di the airplane.

Goodnight kisses for Ryley.