Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Life Right Now... 15 Months

Here is what our daily schedule looks like right now:
7:15 AM:  I wake up to shower and get breakfast ready (No more pump at this time, yay!).
8 AM: I go in to their room and say good morning, sometimes waking them up.  I change their diapers and then bring them in to the kitchen for milk and breakfast.
8:30 AM:  Get everyone dressed for the day and let the girls play in their room while clean up the kitchen and do some laundry.
9:30 AMish: Bring the girls in to the living room/playroom.
10:30 AM: Nap time. 
11 AM: Time for my lunch.
11:30 AM: Prep for the babies lunch.
12 PM: Babies are awake and I bring them in to the kitchen for lunch.
12:30 PM: This is our "open" time.  We go for a walk, run an errand, or play in the play pen.
2:15 PM: Snack time.  Normally milk and a couple bananas.
2:30 PM: Nap time.  Free time for Momma.  Clean, do things on the TO DO list, nap :)
4 PM: Girls wake up.  We play or go for a walk.
5 PM: Prep dinner for the girls.
5:15 PM: Feed girls dinner in the feeding table.
6 PM: Brian gets home. And I start dinner.  We take the girls to the play area.
6:30 PM: Brian and I eat dinner.  Its hit or miss whether we have to eat in shifts.  Depends on the girls' moods and how needy they are.
7 PM: Bath time or play in the girls room while we get them ready for bed.
8 PM: Night bottles and then to bed.
8:30 PM: Clean up the kitchen, Brian cleans the living room, start laundry, eat dessert.
10 PM: Pump.
10:30 PM: Get in bed.

Its dang-near-impossible to get any descent pictures of all three of them anymore.  But here are some so-so pictures :)


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Triple Play: 15 Months

How old?  15 Months.
Our weights? (dr apt on 9/10/14) S: 18 lbs 7 oz  T: 20 lbs 6 oz M: 19 lbs 13 oz
I guess you can say they are wearing 12 months.  I still am holding on to the super cute 9 months stuff.  It fits Sam well and a little snug on Taylor.

Our sleeping patterns?  Still doing 2 naps at 10:30 and 2:30.  No problems here.

This past month has been very up and down with the night sleeping.  We went to Wisconsin and the girls slept great most nights.  The day we came home, Mallory got a cold and someone has been sick ever since.  A cold, then a stomach bug, and now another cold.  They just keep passing things around.  And, on top of that, they all have all 4 molars coming in.  So, with them being sick and teething, sleep hasn't been as good as it could be.  Most of the time, one or more wake around 10-11 and then it may take us a few minutes or a few hours to get them back to bed.  Normally no one wakes after this though.

 Our eating schedule?  At 8 AM they get sippy cups of milk and breakfast, 12 PM they get sippy cups of water and lunch, 2:15 PM they get sippy cups of milk and a snack, 5:15 PM they get sippy cups of water and dinner, and 8 PM they get an 8+ oz bottle of milk.  We are clear of dairy allergies and everyone in the house is on cow's milk.

 Our favorite foods? I wish they all loved the same foods, but they don't.  Everything is about the same as last month.  I've added in cinnamon toast, pears, and gold fish.
Our likes? Mommy snuggles, exploring, walking outside of their play areas, swimming, climbing, and grandparents.
 Our dislikes?  When a sister steals a toy (most of the time, its Mallory), when we are hungry or full, trying new foods, being cooped up in the play pen, falling and getting hurt.
Our favorite games/toys?  Climbing in to their jumperoos (M & T), puzzles, stacking cups, rings, legos, and balls
Our milestones? 
S:  Climbing, all 4 molars popping in
  T: Knows body parts (eyes, ears, hair, toes, belly), animal noises (pig, cow, lion, elephant, sheep, chicken, gorilla)
  M: Says bird.  Animal noises (cow, sheep, lion, elephant, gorilla)

Things we do to make Mom and Dad smile?  Cute faces, accomplishing something new, sleeping through the night, playing nicely with each other, and giggling.
Our pictures



Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wisconsin Vacation

From August 9-18, we visited Brian's Mom's family and some friends in Madison, Wisconsin.  We planned the trip pretty last minute but we were able to make our schedules work and even make it for a baby shower while we were there.  None of Brian's extended family had met the girls so we thought it was important to bring them with us to meet everyone.  We flew to Chicago, rented a car, and drove the 2.5 hours to Madison.  We felt this would be better than having a layover and the flight times were better as well.

In these 10 days, we saw all of Brian's family and did so many things around Madison.  I say I traveled to Wisconsin with babies and came home with toddlers.  They learned so much and could walk so much better when we got home.

WARNING: Picture overload ahead.

We stayed at Brian's Mom's Aunt and Uncle's beautiful home on Lake Monona.  They had an awesome basement/playroom and backyard for the girls to run around.

 Sunday was Brian's cousin's baby shower.  Here are the girls having fun at Aunt Sandy's house.

On Monday, we headed downtown to the Madison Children's Museum.  The girls' had a blast.  Afterwards, we walked the square to get them to fall asleep and then we enjoyed lunch at the Tipsy Cow.



In the afternoon, it was back to Tom and Di's for lunch/playtime outside on a gorgeous day.

Pure joy... this baby LOVES to be thrown in the air.


Lovin' on Nana.



Sam loved this bucket.  She carried it around everywhere, putting things in and taking things out.

Dinner at Ella's Diner.  It was a carnival in there and the girls were easily amused by everything around them.

First carousel ride.  Sam was not a fan.

On Tuesday, we hung out with family and watched all of the kiddos play.  The girls had a great time at the park down the street.


Sam was mostly interested in the cut up tire pieces on the playground floor.

Wednesday was a very busy day.  We arrived at the Vilas Zoo at 9:30.  It was a well-kept, nice, small, and FREE zoo that the girls loved.  This was the girls' 4th time to a zoo and every time we go they are more involved.  Taylor waved to every animal she saw.  Mallory growled like a lion at every animal she saw except for the lion, since she thought it was our dog.  Sam was in awe of all the animals. 


I was so surprised when we walked by the carousel and how excited Taylor was.  She remembered what a fun time she had 2 days before and wanted to ride really bad.  So Brian took Taylor on the tiger, I hopped on the lion with Mallory, and Sam was quite happy watching from the sidelines with her Nana.


From the zoo, we drove to my MIL's friend Judy's house.  We had an amazing lunch and got to swim in her pool.  The girls' also enjoyed their first popsicle.


Dinner that night at Aunt Sandy's and Uncle John's house.
And this is when Taylor decided that Nana was her favorite.

Playing Peek-a-boo with Daddy.
On Thursday, we packed up the girls and drove to Milwaukee to visit Brian's cousin Tina and her family. 


Tom and Diane have this yellow lab statue and the girls would go CRAZY over it.  They would say Ryley (or A-Rha) and run to it, give it kisses and hugs.  It was the sweetest thing ever.  They sure did miss their puppy from home.


On Friday, Tom took us on a boat ride on Lake Monona.  It was a gorgeous day and the scenery was beautiful, even with the sound of 3 screaming babies.  They disliked the life jackets the moment we put them on and someone was crying the whole time.  Poor babies. 


Saturday morning was Little Gym and we were able to make up our class in Madison.

More love for fake Ryley.

Lunch time on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens.  The grounds were beautiful and picture perfect.

Taylor talking to her Grandpa on her altoids phone.

On Sunday, we went to Brian's uncle and aunt's house to hang out with family.  The girls enjoyed their first ride on a golf cart.



Monday we drove to Chicago and then flew home.  Sam slept most of the time, Mallory fussed a little because she was coming down with a cold, and Taylor played the whole time.

It such a fun trip and I'm so happy our family was able to meet the girls and spend time with them.